Harvard Asia Center and Harvard University Press, 2018

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

“Zhang Zai’s (1020–1077) Critique of the Senses,” Journal of Chinese History, print publication: January 2019; published online: June 2018

“‘Ru’ versus ‘Li’: The Divergence between the Generalist and the Specialist in the Northern Song (960−1127),” Journal of Song-Yuan Studies 44 (2014): 83–137.

“Beisong shu lun” 北宋數論 (Discourse on Number in the Northern Song), Tang Yanjiu 唐研究 (The Tang Studies) 18 (2012): 475–507.

“The Production of Written Knowledge under the Rubric of Jiyi,” East Asian Science, Technology, and Society 4 (2010): 255–273.

Edited Volume Contributions

“Keeping Your Ear to the Cosmos: Coherence as the Standard of Good Music in the Northern Song (960−1127) Music Reforms,” forthcoming in Standards of Validity in Late Imperial China, edited by Ari D. Levine, Joachim Kurtz, and Martin Hofmann 

Book Reviews

Philip J. Ivanhoe, Three Streams: Confucian Reflections on Learning and the Moral Heart-Mind in China, Korea, and Japan (New York: Oxford University Press, 2016). China and Asia: A Journal in Historical Studies 1(2019): 265-270

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